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The 2020 Lost Woods Red Blend is a charming wine that beautifully showcases the elegant marriage of Merlot and Tempranillo. Born in the rugged Pacific Northwest, this wine presents the more sophisticated side of the lost woods. In the glass, it presents a pale ruby color that hints at the depth and complexity to come. Its visual allure sets the stage for the rich and vibrant wine journey that awaits, offering a captivating and alluring presence in the glass.  On the nose, luscious blackberries and ripe tart cherries intertwine with hints of plum and pipe tobacco, providing overtones to the subtle notes and a touch of vanilla from the oak aging.  Ripe red and black fruit flavors dominate, with blackberries, and tart cherries taking center stage. There is a delightful interplay between the Tempranillo’s red cranberry and the acidity and soft character of the Merlot.  The palate reveals a medium-bodied wine with medium tannins and a balanced mouthfeel. The wine exhibits excellent balance, with the vibrant acidity lifting the fruit flavors and contributing to a long, satisfying finish. This blend is a harmonious fusion of varietals, offering a fruit-forward profile with layers of complexity and juicy and mouthwatering finish.


Lost Woods Red Blend - 2020

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