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We had the opportunity to harvest both the Syrah and the Malbec grapes at the same time.  Since we were fortunate enough to have this happen, we thought we would make the best of it and try our hand at a co-fermentation.  This is unique because typically a blend is made by creating a wine out of each varietal and then blending them together.  This blend was acheived by pressing all the fruit together and creating the wine out of the mix.  The co-fermented Syrah-Malbec Rosé boasts a harmonious balance of flavors, with the vibrant fruitiness of Syrah merging seamlessly with the soft elegance of Malbec. Expect notes of fresh bright raspberries, strawberries and cherries that will tantalize your taste buds and make this rosé a perfect companion for your gatherings, picnics, and moments of relaxation.

2022 - Co-fermented Wild Rose Syrah Rosé

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