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The 2020 Malbec Reserve, sourced from our westernmost vineyard in the Applegate Valley, uniquely combines the beloved grape's lush fruit with silky tannins and balanced acidity, reflecting the terroir's distinct character. Crafted with precision and ages for 16 months in French oak barrels, it offers a bold and expressive Malbec experience.  Pouring into the glass, the Malbec Reserve is a visually striking red wine, with a bold and dark purple coloration that immediately draws you into the wine's depth and richness.  The Malbec Reserve presents a rich and enticing bouquet, marked by aromatic notes of cherries and plums, which beautifully showcase the fruit-forward nature of the Malbec grape. Additionally, a subtle yet bright undercurrent of citrus-infused acidity adds a refreshing dimension, while a delicate hint of sweet tobacco weaves a layer of complexity.  Flavors of dark cherries take center stage, complemented by a subtle touch of cocoa that is characteristic of Malbec's plush and full-bodied palate, creating a harmoniously mouthwatering experience.  The first sip of this wine unveils a velvety and well-structured character that is robust yet approachable. It’s firm yet round tannins and balanced acidity contribute to a satisfying and lingering finish.

Malbec Reserve - 2020

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